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K39 Consulting is Australia’s trusted team of procurement experts for the Australian Defence sector. Each of our consultants has been hand-picked for their high level expertise and sector knowledge, a powerful combination that ensures they deliver well-beyond client expectations on every project.

Our consultants are all renowned experts who thrive on complex challenges and are driven to consistently deliver solutions for the Australian Commonwealth that reduce cost, minimise risk and optimise operational and financial outcomes.

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Meet Our K39 Consultants

Tania Hunter
Senior Consultant specialising in Commercial and Contracting

Tania has spent over 30 years in the Defence environment. As a Director, Tania was responsible for the Capability Management, governance and oversight, of a multi-faceted strategic contract, with an annual budget in excess of $100mil. Major achievements in this role include resolution of long-standing issues relating to IP requirements, the transition of key test and evaluation assets to the Contractor and incorporation of redevelopment project deliverables into the head contract.

Tania Hunter

Case Study: Program & Project Management

Project Overview

K39 Consulting assumed responsibility for the development and delivery of a 10 year (Plus), $900mil, strategic contract on behalf of Explosive Materiel Branch. This short notice secondment was a result of the client recognizing critical schedule risks associated with Request For Tender (RFT) development and release. K39 Consulting assumed full accountability for the design and delivery, within a vastly condensed (4 months) timeframe, of a full AUSDEFCON Statement of Work (SoW) suite (with correctly mapped linkages to the Conditions of Contract) and the design of a bespoke Performance Management Framework (PMF).

What our Clients are saying

K39 Consulting were engaged to develop and deliver a $900 million strategic contract on behalf of Explosive Material Branch. This required delivery within a significantly truncated time period due to critical schedule risks. Despite this, the K39 consultants, led by Darren Owen, formulated a solution that surpassed our expectations with the delivery of greater value for money, enhanced proficiency in the use of the Commonwealth facilities and an increase in Defence manufacturing capability and capacity. They definitely earn their reputation as Defence procurement experts.” Name, Department

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Our Core Values and Traits

Over the last six months, K39 Consulting has been looking inwards. We believe that the culture we have nurtured at K39 Consulting over the last five years is unique. We believe it is a point of difference to our team and therefore, to our clients. As we grow we want to ensure we do not dilute what makes K39 Consulting special.