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Sustainment of Defence equipment

K39 is an agile and progressive organisation that is a trusted provider of resourcing solutions for Defence acquisition and sustainment projects. We are experts in project management, complex procurement, Integrated Logistic Support design, life-cycle commercial contract management and supplier relationship management.

Our deep knowledge across Air, Land, Maritime and Joint environments gives us valuable insights that ensure impeccable results for our Clients.

K39 was founded in 2018 by Darren Owen. With over 25 years working in the British and Australian military, the Defence industry and Management Consultancy, Darren understands the complexities of the Defence sector and the operational and strategic challenges it faces.

K39 Consulting provides expert consultancy services at a significantly more affordable rate than the larger consulting organisations.

Having worked for a number of consultancy firms, Darren saw the potential to create a company that would reflect his own commercial and personal values and provide an opportunity for his employees to have an exciting and unique work experience. At K39 Consulting we are passionate about recruiting the right person for the right role, building and developing a team who share that same commitment, and facilitating a supportive and diverse culture for everyone.

K39 values Defences' commitment to supporting small and medium enterprises. This supports K39’s focus on being an evolving, flexible and dynamic organisation that consistently delivers greater returns on a project by investigating opportunities to reduce costs, increase revenue, improve efficiencies and reduce risk wherever possible. By investing our knowledge and expertise at the scoping stage of a project, K39 Consulting ensures projects are designed to deliver significantly more than initial client expectations.

Sustainment of Defence equipment
Defence procurement Australia

Out of the box solutions for exceptional ROI

Defence procurement Australia
Defence procurement Australia

What makes K39 different?

K39 Consulting provides the most innovative solutions available in the market. The depth and diversity of experience across the K39 Consulting team drives innovative thinking and out-of-the box solutions. Continual training and cross-skilling ensure K39 consultants remain the leading experts in defence procurement. K39 Consulting’s team of experts continuously collaborate to contribute their specialist knowledge and expertise to the outcomes of a project. K39 consultants are supported by the vast industry knowledge and expertise of Founder Darren Owen who oversees the management of every project. • The outstanding results achieved by the K39 team can be demonstrated through numerous case studies.

What Our Clients Are Saying

K39 Consulting were engaged to develop and deliver a $900 million strategic contract on behalf of Explosive Material Branch. This required delivery within a significantly truncated time period due to critical schedule risks. Despite this, the K39 consultants, led by Darren Owen, formulated a solution that surpassed our expectations with the delivery of greater value for money, enhanced proficiency in the use of the Commonwealth facilities and an increase in Defence manufacturing capability and capacity. They definitely earn their reputation as Defence procurement experts.
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