Our Core Values and Traits

Over the last six months, K39 Consulting has been looking inwards. We believe that the culture we have nurtured at K39 Consulting over the last five years is unique. We believe it is a point of difference to our team and therefore, to our clients. As we grow we want to ensure we do not dilute what makes K39 Consulting special. During this reflective process we defined these traits as:

Acting with purpose for Defence and the nation,

Being adaptable, innovative and agile,

Being collaborate and be team-focused,

Being accountable and trustworthy,

Being able to reflect, learn and improve, and

Being inclusive and valuing others.

We are also able to define our core values which are:

Energy - We are passionate about delivering an outcome that vastly exceeds our clients’ expectations on every project.

Accountability - We will always be honest, transparent, and accountable to ensure the outcomes of our work can be clearly measured for continuous improvement.

Agility - We adopt a radical organisational structure that enables us to move fast and flexibly on all projects, empowering our expert consultants to deliver at the highest level through top-level support and facilitation.

Excellence - Our people are the brightest and most experienced minds and are given the space and support to focus on delivering to their absolute best ability.

Innovation - We continually push the boundaries of our clients’ expectations, using our unique blend of deep sector knowledge and expertise to deliver extraordinary outcomes on even the most challenging and complex projects.

At our core this is who the team at K39 Consulting are, and using these values and behaviours, this is how we will continue to operate and deliver on behalf of our clients.

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