Defence sector case studies

Strategic Contract Development

Program & Project Management

K39 Consulting assumed responsibility for the development and delivery of a 10 year (Plus), $900mil, strategic contract on behalf of Explosive Materiel Branch. This short notice secondment was a result of the client recognizing critical schedule risks associated with Request For Tender (RFT) development and release. K39 Consulting assumed full accountability for the design and delivery, within a vastly condensed (4 months) timeframe, of a full AUSDEFCON Statement of Work (SoW) suite (with correctly mapped linkages to the Conditions of Contract) and the design of a bespoke Performance Management Framework (PMF).

Forensic Cost Analysis

Forensic Financial Analysis

In collaboration with the Commonwealth Financial Investigation Service (FIS) K39 Consulting's' Forensic Financial Analysis experts assess all  contracted costs for a long term Strategic project.  The analysis included forensic review of all the 'true' project baseline costs, cost build-up methodology, efficiency and savings gained during the project to date, project risk and contingency application, financial compliance and a value for money appreciation. The project Financial Evaluation and Analysis experts also worked with K39 Consulting's Commercial team to ensure contractual compliance was facilitated during the analysis and to facilitate contract changes as required.


Integrated Logistics Support

K39 Consulting's ILS Professionals were responsible for the sustainment of a range of deployable capabilities that delivered true cradle to grave functionality. This included development of FPS, to design and build of a system, introduction into service, in-service support and ultimately, disposal, once LOT has been reached. Throughout the products life system upgrades were managed in collaboration with project engineers and in consultation with the service customer.


Complex Procurement and Contract Management

The effectiveness of the Strategic performance Management process in influencing contract outcomes and behaviours throughout the contract term is an outcome of the initial Contract management design and implementation stage. Designing and establishing the SPM management processes in the initial contract management phase is the responsibility of individual Project Offices. K39 Consulting identified no documented process existed, that could be utilised as a guide to aid in establishing these activities, within the Defence Contract Management Landscape.

Case Studies in Defence Procurement