Forensic Cost Analysis

Forensic Financial Analysis Case Study

Project Name: Project Cost Review
Date: February 2022 - June 2022
Services Provided: Financial Evaluation and Analysis


In collaboration with the Commonwealth Financial Investigation Service (FIS) K39 Consulting's' Forensic Financial Analysis experts assess all  contracted costs for a long term Strategic project.  The analysis included forensic review of all the 'true' project baseline costs, cost build-up methodology, efficiency and savings gained during the project to date, project risk and contingency application, financial compliance and a value for money appreciation. The project Financial Evaluation and Analysis experts also worked with K39 Consulting's Commercial team to ensure contractual compliance was facilitated during the analysis and to facilitate contract changes as required.

Two soldiers in fog
Two soldiers in fog


The Project costs for the remainder of the contract were agreed by the parties which also established:

  • Costs savings of $10,000,000 +  over the remaining life of the project.

  • Addition efficiency savings for the remainder of the contract.

  •  The continuation and application of further value for money principals.

What Our Clients are saying

K39 Consulting were engaged to develop and deliver a $900 million strategic contract on behalf of Explosive Material Branch. This required delivery within a significantly truncated time period due to critical schedule risks. Despite this, the K39 consultants, led by Darren Owen, formulated a solution that surpassed our expectations with the delivery of greater value for money, enhanced proficiency in the use of the Commonwealth facilities and an increase in Defence manufacturing capability and capacity. They definitely earn their reputation as Defence procurement experts.” Name, Department

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