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Sustainment of Defence equipment

As the most experienced, qualified and specialised team of defence procurement experts, K39 Consulting delivers unexpectedly high outcomes on every project conducted. Our expert team is committed to delivering innovative solutions on time, within budget and with optimal outcomes. K39 Consulting ensures the process of consultancy delivery is smooth and easy.

The unique organisational structure of K39 Consulting ensures our expert consultants have the support required to deliver at the highest level. Founder and defence consulting expert, Darren Owen, provides senior level support to all consultants and clients to ensure they can concentrate solely on delivering project outcomes.

Darren Owen proactively assists clients to ensure communication is smooth and effective. K39 consultants do not have to tackle mundane tasks as they would within other roles so can focus 100% on using their expertise on challenging and complex tasks.

K39 consultants are able to deliver in short timeframes due to the support network provided by Darren Owen and his team. From assisting with the initial scope through to final implementation and reporting, K39 Consulting has the range and depth of expertise to provide a full service solution.

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Sustainment of Defence equipment
Sustainment of Defence equipment

Our Client Networks

K39 Consulting principally operates via Capability, Acquisition and Sustainment Group (CASG) Major Service Providers model for the delivery of ‘above the line’ support services. The implementation of this innovative approach to the Defence market has provided the Commonwealth Defence sector the opportunity to adopt a more strategic and integrated approach to its support services requirements.

K39 Consulting provides acquisition and sustainment services directly to CASG’s System Project Offices across multiple Domains via the Nova, KEY (KBR & EY) and Downer Major Service Provider network. In addition, K39 Consulting provides services to Defence Support Services Panel members and Defence Industry.

Nova Systems

Nova Systems

Nova Systems is one of four Major Service Providers who are capable of delivering larger, long-term and highly integrated work packages across the CASG Domains and CoE function. They continually and successfully assist government departments and industry partners with the delivery of some of the most complex acquisitions and in-systems projects on a global scale. K39 Consulting works with Nova in providing services intrinsic to the delivery of their Strategic Partner, Capability Partner and Integrated Work Partner services.



KEY (KBR & EY) is a major partner in preserving national security and excellence for armed forces and other government-sponsored projects around the world. They have a proven track record in delivering leading-edge solutions for land-based operations and vehicle management, maritime facilities management and oceanographic monitoring, air and missile weapons development and testing, and spacecraft designs, networks and mission-critical services. K39 Consulting provides support services to ensure KEY delivers these solutions on time and on budget.

Team Downer


Team Downer was appointed by CASG as a Major Service Provider to the Australian Defence Force. It offers three types of services including: Integrated Work Package (IWP) Services; Strategic Partner Services for those services not directly related to project acquisition and sustainment activities, but designed to contribute to the Joint Objectives of the ESSA; and Capability Partner Services primarily provided to CASG Centre of Expertise (CoE). K39 Consulting supports Downer in the provision of each of these three service types.

Australian Government Department of Defence

SME Gateway

The Defence Support Services Panel facilitates the procurement of a broad range of services to support the acquisition and sustainment of the Defence Department’s Air, Joint Systems, Land and Maritime capital equipment and systems projects. It provides CASG and Defence with efficient and streamlined access to a wide range of service providers. K39 Consulting has a long standing reputation as a recommended provider for the DSS Panel.